Build a business that your children can inherit:

1 - Earn an additional income
2 - Pay off your bad debts
3 - Save towards an emergency fund
4 - Leave a legacy to your beneficiaries


South Africa's most impactful partner program




Quick Q's & A's

When can I start?  

Please note that you must be prepared to subscribe to an estate and legal plan of your own before selling the benefits to others. This gives us a good sense of your commitment to both us and yourself. When you go about introducing our estate & legal plans to people, you would have completed your own with our attorneys and will know exactly what your clients will experience.

If you are someone who wants to help people to prepare their lives by doing estate and legal planning then we'll pay you for introducing them to us.

We are looking to help young focused individuals. If you’re studying law, great at sales, want to help people do the right plans or want to earn additional income by getting involved with the legal industry, then this opportunity may just work for you. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to build a business and to create your own legacy to leave your family.


We've decided to make it easy to get started. You may get started right away by following the above steps OR if you need more information, simply contact us on the short contact form and we will get back in contact with you.

Our management team will work with you to make sure you have every chance of success. Our management team will work with you to make sure you have every chance of success. Once you are on your journey, it won't take long for you to have your own affairs in order, set-up your family trust and for us to get you ready for your business. Should you do well, we would potentially look to offer you a more permanent opportunity within the organisation (This is normally after 1 year of successful sales). Our business is built on a long-term relationship with you and it's in our best interest to make sure you are successful. Should you do well, we would potentially look to offer you a more permanent opportunity within the organisation (This is normally after 1 year of successful sales). Our business is built on a long-term relationship with you and it's in our best interest to make sure you are successful.

What makes this opportunity more effective than any others?  


Not everyone can afford or needs life cover to pay for the deceased estate costs that will happen. However, everyone needs an estate and legal plan to solve the problems their family will face when they pass away. That's where we come in with our services.

So! The way our business partnership works is you are given an account that is linked to you personally. You then promote the legal plans to as many people in SA as possible in your area. Then, when they subscribe, you will earn revenues annually.

- Myprotector is NOT a multi-level marketing business.
- Your income does NOT reduce the more you grow your business.
- Your clients DON'T have to buy insurance for you to earn.

The Myprotector business partnership is one of the best value building opportunities on the market. This is because your efforts will benefit ONLY you and not anyone 'piggy-backing' on your efforts.

How to qualify for a partnership account?  

All you need to do is ensure you have satisfied these terms and conditions:

1 - Make sure you understand the below terms and conditions
2 - Make sure you understand what an estate & legal plan is
3 - Subscribe for an Estate & Legal Plan of your own
4 - Do a short application form and get your welcome letter with strategy link
5 - Work with our attorneys to complete your own estate and legal plan

All partner registrations are subject to the following criteria:

1 - Age 25 and older
2 - Resident, permit holder or citizen of South Africa
3 - Computer literate and have access to a computer
4 - Good understanding of social media and building networks
5 - Self starter, honest, responsible and trustworthy
6 - Have a bank account in South Africa
7 - Can work with an organisation online

What's the aim of the partnership?  

It is designed to help people to build a business of their own and to plan their lives properly, and in so doing, benefit from an opportunity that helps them reach their goals and aspirations.

We believe that in order to uplift people you must give them the skills and solutions necessary for them to apply themselves more effectively in life.

The focus therefore should be to help develop people so that they contribute to the world in a meaningful way and have something significant to offer their immediate family and others.

How does Myprotector afford to pay commissions?  

Myprotector uses its marketing budget to pay you your revenues because you have essentially done the work of networking on our behalf. Your opportunity simply means that you develop your own business and build your own client base. No more - No less.

How much can I earn?  

All Myprotector partners will earn revenues for people who subscribe to any of our services through their partner code. Your revenue is guaranteed each year as long as the introduced person continues to pay their fees and as long as you are an active paying member yourself.

What's really great about this opportunity is that you don't need to pre-sell any estate & Legal Plans before you start earning commission. You get paid from day 1 and client 1.

The second great thing is that you can leave all your income to your beneficiaries when you pass away. This is done through a family trust by our internal attorneys as part of your own estate and legal plan.

Myprotector Group commission is calculated using the following scales:


20% API subscription fee
[with clawback]

40% API subscription fee
[with clawback]

20% API subscription fee



The current revenues continue to be paid into your
‘Heritage Preservation Trust’


We pay 20% of the API (annual premium income) subscription fee upfront in the 1st year, 40% in the 2nd year and another 20% from the 3rd year ongoing, as long as the member and you continue to be a subscriber without lapsing your hosting fees.

Myprotector is not subject to the regulations of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority.

For example,
(myPRO3 option)

These figures are per client:

1st Year

A Myprotector benefit was issued on new business with a premium of R240 for an effective date 1 January 2022.
Myprotector commission = (R240 x 12 x 20%) = R576.

2nd Year
A Myprotector member continues with their legal plan with a premium of R240 for an effective date 1 January 2023.
Myprotector commission = (R240 x 12 x 40%) = R1 152.

3rd Year & ongoing
A Myprotector benefit was issued on new business with a premium of R240 for an effective date 1 January 2024 ongoing each year.
Myprotector commission = (R240 x 12 x 20%) = R576.

Deceased estate & ongoing
A Myprotector member passes away and their existing revenue streams, at the time of passing,  gets placed in the Myprotector ‘Heritage Preservation Trust’. The business partner’s beneficiaries may access the funds for defined reasons.

The total commission earned by an agent for a single client = R1 728 from the 1st and 2nd years and thereafter an additional ongoing revenues from the 3rd year onwards of R576 each year.


For Myprotector clients that lapse within the first 24 months of the client’s start date, Myprotector will recover a portion of the first-year or second-year commission. Each year is seen as independent from each other and clawback is done on each year’s commission only.

If a subscriber lapses, we will recover commission as follows:
Myprotector commission paid x (month of lapse / 12) – Myprotector commission paid. No recouping will occur for the 3rd year and beyond.

For example,

The Myprotector benefit was lapsed on an effective date of 31 May 2022. Applying the above formula, the recovery will be:
Myprotector recovery = (R576 x 5 / 12) – R576 = - R336

If the lapse event occurs beyond the 24-month period, then no recovery will take place on the Myprotector commission paid.

Can I lose my partnership?  

Yes, We need to make sure that you remain active and engaged as this business is designed to be there for you till the end of your life. We provide life long services and need to provide you with new and exciting opportunities in the future. So it's important that we all stay active and continue to plan for our future. Your business partnership will stop paying you if you stop being involved with the business. However, we don't want you to be burdened by performance goals so we only need you to keep your account active by introducing just 2 new people every month. We don't see that goal being a problem because it's actually in your best interest because it adds revenue to your life.

Is there a licence fee?  

NO. We do NOT ask for any licence fees. This is because we want the opportunity to be available to all South Africans. Our business is also dependent on partners who are dedicated to the dream of growing financial and legal awareness in South Africa and bringing digital planning to everyone. It is therefore important that our partners are committed to the cause and have a desire to help future generations.

Is Myprotector private cloud vault a stand-alone solution or linked to another service provider?  

We are a stand-alone enterprise and are not subject to promoting products and services of one specific enterprise. Our members will find their own solutions and simply add the details into their private cloud vault in preparation for their future.

Do I have to provide estate and legal services to people?  

No! Your role is purely a sales function. You only need to introduce people to the business and convince them that getting their estate and legal affairs in order is a good thing to do for themselves and their loved ones. Myprotector provides the estate planning and legal expertise to people.

Can I grow my sales into a business?  

Yes, One of the key issues many people face is finding a way to build a future for themselves and their loved ones by working for themselves. This means that you can build your business into a massive revenue and allows you to not have to rely on being employed by businesses that could simply cancel your employment when they need to or when you reach retirement age.

We want you to have an income for the rest of your life because we don't believe that retirement means you stop working.

Additionally, we will help you leave your business to your elected beneficiaries when you pass away as your legacy to help them. This bequest will be managed by the family heritage trust as shown on the family heritage archive's website.

We are committed to helping you to get out of the bad debt struggle
and to live a more effective and prosperous life.